January 2018
Summer 2018
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About Us


To connect the local and global community through education & personal EDvancement
Core Values:
Deliver exceptional customer experiences
Inspire through innovative and dynamic programs and services
Engage with compassion & integrity in all we do
Leader in creating opportunities that change lives
Message from 
Jessica Yamamoto, Director of EDvance
Hawai'i Community College Office of Continuing Education & Training provides lifelong learning opportunities to all ages by ofering Courses and programs that include non-credit courses, workshops, and customized training for businesses and industries, workforce training and other activities to enhance local economic development efforts. We offer programs designed to inspire and promote engagement both on campus and in our communities, which supports local workforce needs. We work with employers who seek help adapting to change. We also take requests from their employees, students and parents, the un-employed, self-employed, retirees, and the workforce in general.

We strive to address your challenges by developing classes or programs that are designed to meet the needs of your business, education pathway, change in workforce or employment goals. We offer customized options for any group of six or more. Thanks to our network of experts and instructors, we can build a non-credit class to fit your needs. We also meet your geographic needs, including bringing the class to your workplace. Keiki, ages 5 to 18, can choose from a variety of hands-on courses or academic enrichment programs during spring and summer break. In the next several months we are redesigning the way we provide services, undergoing a name change, and launching a new website. We are committed to listen to your input as we shape the new site and expand our support. What matters most is that we serve you better by keeping you up to date and engaged with what is happening. Sign up for our newsletters and continue to check our website.

We look forward to working with you!
Meet Our Super Heroes 
The Team
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Jessica Yamamoto
Director of EDvance
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Cathy Arita
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Estee Nathanson
Operations Manager
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Julie Blair
Office Assistant
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Tiana Hirota
Lead Program Coordinator
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Richard Cowan
Apprenticeship Training Coordinator
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Tiari Carreira
HINET Program Officer
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Kelsey Okuda
Testing Coordinator
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Christine Quintana
Coordinator -  Office of International Programs
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Eri Hall
Assistant Coordinator - Office of International Programs
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Naveen Siriah
IT Specialist